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Our Approach

Our goal is to improve the health of your family and/or your staff by creating clean living and working spaces.

We provide eco-friendly products to deep clean your carpets and upholstery.

Regular upholstery cleaning removes dirt, toxins, and allergens from your family’s most used living spaces.

Additionally, dirt and other particles build up and damage carpet fibres as they are walked on. Regular professional carpet shampooing and vacuuming keep the fibres strong and resilient, protecting your investment long term.


Our Story

Our story is really your story. We want to help you create clean, safe environments for the people you care about.

Whether that is cleaning your bedroom carpets, the couches in your living room, the carpet and chairs at your office, or stripping and waxing the floors of your lobby until they are sparkling, we are here to help you create a healthy space.

We choose to use eco-friendly products as often as possible, because we care about the long term effects harsh chemicals have on our clients, staff and the environment. But we know some situations require a little more power, so we do carry a special line of conventional cleaning products too.

Bonus: We speak both English and Spanish fluently!

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